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Friday, April 07, 2006


I am divinely inspired by God’s majestic grace. I lovingly commit my life to spirit. Through spirit I grow majestically surpassing any ego driven ideas of how great my life can be. My true source of wisdom is heavenly inspired so I can rest knowing that divine guidance is available to me at any time. I am truly loved and supported by heaven in all that I do. The blessings that will flow into my life are beyond anything that ego I can imagine for myself. My higher spiritual self knows it is true, my ego catches up. I love beyond measure coming from the place of spirit. The light within me shines for the whole world to see when I am spirit driven. God gives me all I need to know in each moment before I even ask. I do not need to worry. I release all worries and fears to my divine creator who would never wish fear or wrong for me. I am a divine and holy child created by God and God knows no fear, worry, or lack, only infinite abundance. God’s will for me is a purpose driven life full of meaning and rich experiences. He wants for me what I could not even imagine fore myself. Therefore, I let go and open myself to divine spirit for divine spirit will bless me beyond my wildest imagination. His abundance is bigger than anything I could imagine for myself and so I allow myself to be divinely inspired always knowing that God loves me infinitely more than I could ask or imagine. He is my source of grace and repose. He loves me.


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