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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Kisses from Heaven.

God’s presence brings more rest and restoration than sleep possibly could. Stay in the light for I will give you all the repose you need. Be with me and you will find rest from worry and all other distractions you create for yourself that keep you from knowing my true love. Everything you need I will provide for you, so worry not. You are my beautiful child. I would never allow you to go without. Open yourself up to my divine source of love and prepare yourself for blessings that are infinitely more than you could ask or imagine. You are very loved, more than you could ever know. I look on lovingly at your beautiful existence with great pride in my creation. In you I see only perfection, divinely inspired genius incarnated in you. Forget not your spirit for then you will see the perfection that I created, a source of love for the world. You are holy beyond measure and once you come to know your true self through prayer and meditation you will not doubt that. I am the source of all things good, this my child is the true measure of your intuition. Forget not that I created you and want only loving experiences in your life. Choose love when you are unsure. Doubt not because love is always the way. It is my true and divine guidance and this way you can be sure your gifts are your source of abundance. Use them freely when they come from a place of love and you will be rewarded. God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that was my gift to the world, my child who walked in love on this physical place. You too are a child of God. Choose to walk in love and you will be rewarded. Believe this to be true for you are a holy child of God and therefore capable of the love that Jesus displayed during his time on earth. Walk in the way of the Lord and all your needs will be met. I love you my sweet child. Kisses from Heaven.


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