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Saturday, April 08, 2006

I will speak in whispers

Everything happens in its own perfect time my child. Please do not force things to happen. Everything is working out for your greater good. Open your heart and allow yourself to flow with the divine energy that is life. Breath deeply to increase flow and open the divine channels of communication. Clear yourself and your space and you will hear voices from heaven. You are loved and truly blessed beyond measure. Open yourself up to this love through your heart and soul. I will speak in whispers directly to your soul, that part of you that already knows its divine perfection. Allow love’s ever greater energy to enfold you in its embrace until you are healed and recognize your true God self. Reunite with your higher self and understand the magnificence of your divine power. Draw on this divine power to manifest all that you desire in this life for your creations are limited only by your thought patterns. Turn your thoughts and hearts to God and unleash your creative energy to manifest all things in your life. You will create a life that is beautiful for yourself with blessings that overflow and ripple outwards. You, my sweet child are led by the hand of God to create beauty and love on this planet. Please accept this divine assignment and our help. We will support you in your light work. Shine your light bright for all to see and let them know that there is hope for peace on this earth. You, my sweet child, are more powerful than you realize. Through your yoga and meditation you will come to know this strength that comes directly from the source. The always present divine energy, heaven sent. You are not alone. We support you in your work. Trust in the guidance from the etheric realm, tune yourself to its subtler vibration and know only love. You are a holy child of God sent to earth to fulfill a divine purpose. Open yourself to the possibility.


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