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Sunday, June 04, 2006


My dear, sweet, beautiful child. Your lovliness is like a breath of fresh air. Do not doubt the value of your beauty for the world deserves to see you in all your splendor. I wait with anticipation for you to burst out of your shell, revealing your true self to the world. Your gifts are numerous and the world waits. Ask the angels and your guides for divine assistance and the courage to live out your highest calling. Do not hide in the shadows for that does not serve anyone (yourself included). Step out into the spot light and shine for all to see. Your radiance and splendor will attract many people. Follow the desires of your heart and know that the sparks of passion are heaven sent, directing you to your life’s purpose. You have so much to give and we long for you to step out and take a risk with confidence for we would never lead you to do anything we know you could not fully handle. Your divine mission awaits you. Do not listen to the nagging voice of ego that instills fear in your mind. Do not second guess yourself. Allow yourself to flow from the higher place of spirit and you will soar to heights unimaginable. Your strength lies in your heart, open your heart to the world, be open to giving and receiving love. When your work comes from a place of love you know you can trust your calling. Be confident in your gifts and your uniqueness. There is nobody else quite like you and therefore nobody else is able to offer what you have to give. Come from a place that is authentically you and you will find peace. Peace will wash over you and fill you with a sense of calm knowing that you are expressing your truth. Heaven waits for you to reveal the shining star within – the place of splendor – that the whole world longs to see. Shine and allow your light to fill the world my precious child. It does no use to hide.


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