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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Prayer –a Mirror to God

Blessed one, you have been asking about prayer. There need not be any confusion. Prayer is simply a mirror to God, your divine creator. Sit in silence and feel the divine presence of spirit. It is a form of meditation, quiet space for you to unite with God. Blessings will pour down from on high when you spend this time raising your vibration and connecting with divine energy. Your mind works overtime. Turn off the intellect and instead open your heart. Meditate on opening your heart and allow love to surround your presence. Fill yourself with divine light allowing this light to encircle your heart with a soft glowing energy. Move and act from a place of love and know you are being guided by spirit. Spirit moves you to hold the light and love for all to see. Light workers are beacons of hope in a world distracted by material possessions and media propaganda. The only message that matters is that of love. Your divine guide and ascended master Lord Sananda would tell you the same. Start loving yourself. Small acts of loving kindness towards yourself will give you the energy to share divine love with others. Prayer, your time with God, will teach you the meaning of love so that with experience you will come to know love more deeply, on a soul level. By spending time in the loving arms of your divine creator you will come to know what love feels like. Allow yourself to be filled full of this love until it overflows from you to others. It is from this place of abundance that you will have more to give. By filling yourself so full of divine love, the overflow will automatically reach all those that connect with you and your divine assignment will be fulfilled. You asked about prayer sweet child, it is not about doing, or asking, it is simply opening the mirror to God and allowing the divine message of love to reflect back to you. Sit. Breathe. Be filled with the loving presence of your divine creator. You are deserving our dear, sweet, beloved child of God. Namaste. Namaste. Namaste.

Sing from your heart

My sweet, sweet sunshine. You are a ray of light and a beam of kindness for all to warm themselves. Your loving energy radiates outwards from your beautiful heart. Open yourself to spirit and reclaim the life that God intended for you. You will do great things on this planet. Sing the joyful song of your heart and raise the vibrational tone of the planet.


My dear, sweet, beautiful child. Your lovliness is like a breath of fresh air. Do not doubt the value of your beauty for the world deserves to see you in all your splendor. I wait with anticipation for you to burst out of your shell, revealing your true self to the world. Your gifts are numerous and the world waits. Ask the angels and your guides for divine assistance and the courage to live out your highest calling. Do not hide in the shadows for that does not serve anyone (yourself included). Step out into the spot light and shine for all to see. Your radiance and splendor will attract many people. Follow the desires of your heart and know that the sparks of passion are heaven sent, directing you to your life’s purpose. You have so much to give and we long for you to step out and take a risk with confidence for we would never lead you to do anything we know you could not fully handle. Your divine mission awaits you. Do not listen to the nagging voice of ego that instills fear in your mind. Do not second guess yourself. Allow yourself to flow from the higher place of spirit and you will soar to heights unimaginable. Your strength lies in your heart, open your heart to the world, be open to giving and receiving love. When your work comes from a place of love you know you can trust your calling. Be confident in your gifts and your uniqueness. There is nobody else quite like you and therefore nobody else is able to offer what you have to give. Come from a place that is authentically you and you will find peace. Peace will wash over you and fill you with a sense of calm knowing that you are expressing your truth. Heaven waits for you to reveal the shining star within – the place of splendor – that the whole world longs to see. Shine and allow your light to fill the world my precious child. It does no use to hide.

Tiny Openings

Sweet one, you burden yourself with so much. Step back, let go, and allow yourself to be guided by spirit. We long to free you from the burdens you have created. Release all your concerns and worries to us and you will be free. Sweet child you do not need to exert so much effort. Surrender, let go, allow us to help you. Your burdens are many and the weight on your shoulders is heavy. Ask us to take the weight and the burdens and keep only the lessons. You have learned that to care for others you must first care for yourself. Make time for yoga and meditation to regenerate your energy reserves. Ask us to help you find time, space, and teachers. You are not alone. We are here to help you and to guide you to like minded individuals – kindred spirits. We delight in your friendships and the support you give each other as earth angels. Heaven sprinkles its stardust of love on these divine relationship that help you grow your spirit. Breathe and share. Join your energy with others as you practice yoga – the spiritual union with God, divine spirit. Breathe, all is one, you are truly united in one spirit as you bring peace to your bodies and your minds. From this place of quiet calm the world begins to know peace one small window at a time. Tiny openings shedding divine light outwards into the world. Energetically light and peace come from this place of quiet introspective practice. Turn inwards, find peace within and your light will illuminate the darkness. Your beauty expands for the world when you find stillness for your heart. Breath. Rest. Come from a place of centered calm and you will easily serve in the world. Your gifts of spiritual connection will inspire others to seek out the same quiet confidence.